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Why Do Authors Need TikTok? 

It sells books.

“…no other social media has had this impact on book sales," so said a  New York Times article about TikTok on July 1st, 2022. Read the article at this linkTikTok is reaching older people now too. Read this report for details.

Everyone is talking about it and the success stories are numerous and real. Authors need to be there. This service delivers results on TikTok.

Why is BooksGoSocial 

your ideal partner?

BooksGoSocial has been delivering promotions for books since 2013. We have the expertise to upload proven video content for authors, without you needing to show your face.
We have developed a series of proven video templates which we will apply to your book/s to get you a fast return on investment and a TikTok account that both amazes and delivers book sales.  

We make TikTok easy for authors:

Let us help you connect with a new audience, an audience that reads all types of books. Our service does more  too. We are focused on getting you book sales. We deliver these by:

1. Creating videos crafted to drive curiosity, and targeted to reader who read your genre.

2. We post video content 2 or 3 times a day on author TikTok accounts to ensure the TikTok algorithm is likely to share each video.

3. We repost and share these videos and related book links to over 400,000 Twitter followers and on Facebook pages to tens of thousands more readers. This critical reposting step amplifies your reach and delivers extra sales.     

Our Done for You plan for your TikTok (TT) account includes: 

  1. A clean account. We will ask you to create a new TT account so that videos show from your region. A new account is also the best way to reach targeted readers. Previous likes, follows, and videos watched all impact the TT algorithm. We aim to target readers in your genre only. Please do not watch videos or Like or Follow people with your new & clean TT account until our work is finished. The account belongs to you at all times. You control the account. It is yours. This way you can also monitor progress 24/7 by logging into or watching the account. You can have 8 TT accounts on one smartphone.
  2. We will follow booktokers & authors in your genre. The number will depend on your genre. We will also interact with some of their posts, and like and comment on them too. 
  3. Mixed video styles. We will create video content for you using proven video styles, without any need for you to show your face. We use copyright free sounds & occasionally TT voice overs. All video content uses copyright free material or your content, such as your book cover/s.
  4. We use proven video formulas, usually 8-16 seconds long. Our key styles include two or three frames of text. Setups and cliffhangers.
  5. Some videos may also appear in parts. Part 1, Part 2, etc...all videos highlighting different parts of the book. ‚Äč
  6. We reply to comments during our management period. Engagement helps the video to be seen more. 
  7. We will use appropriate trope/genre and general #tags for you.
  8. We may repost high performing content.
  9. We set videos to draft in advance so they're ready to post for each day for the period you purchase. 
  10. We set alarms to post 2 or 3 times a day during the paid for period.
  11. Selected videos may be reposted on our YouTube account with Amazon links to bring more people to your TT account.
  12. Selected videos from your new account may be shared on 10 Twitter accounts reaching 440,000+ Followers including Amazon links.
  13. Selected videos from your new account may be shared on our Facebook Groups & Pages reaching 50,000+ Followers with Amazon links. 
  14. Selected videos from your new account may be shared by email to 30,000+ Subscribers with Amazon links. 
  15. The number of shares and reposts depends on the level of service you purchase.

We adapt to new trends - sounds & video styles - on TikTok and use them when appropriate.

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