Frequently Asked Questions


  1.  Is my account secure?

Yes! BooksGoSocial is run by actual people, not by software, bots, or other tricks. We are an online marketing company for authors and publishers. As a result, our behavior is 100% consistent with TikTok’s and other relevant site rules and with how best-selling authors typically use TikTok.


  1. Where do I begin?

Sign up using the form on our main page and we will come back to you within 24-48hrs. Hi, and thank you if you have signed up. We customize each plan depending on your needs and situation.


  1. Can I buy more than one subscription?

Yes! Just tell us how many you need. We recommend a single account for an author who writes in one genre and multiple accounts if you write in multiple genres or are a publisher. You can have up to 8 TikTok accounts on one smartphone.


  1. What is the price?

Pricing depends on your needs and budget. We may suggest alternatives, such as help tp get reader reviews, after we assess your form responses.


  1. Do you work with publishers?

Yes. In fact, a large portion of our clientele are organizations that delegate such types of work to our staff. We manage a full portfolio of services for some small publishers.

We can provide our service under a white-label – no-brand service when working with publishers. Our team will never speak with the publisher's authors directly unless requested to.

The targeting for the account is decided in collaboration with the publisher.


  1. When I'm with BooksGoSocial, can I utilize my TikTok account?

Yes! You can use your new account, but only in a directed way, please! That mean only watching videos from authors in your genre and only following such people. You can use another account for personal or other uses on TikTok.


  1. Are the comments, followers and likes I receive legitimate?

 Yes! A real person is actively managing your account(s) while utilizing several TikTok marketing strategies. This will result in real comments, likes and follows.

We are NOT the service for you if you want to buy followers, likes, or comments.


  1. How does your team expand a TikTok account?

We find and target certain accounts that are likely to follow you back, interact with, or buy your book/s using a variety of TikTok tactics. These include, but are not restricted to:

Targeting: By examining rivals, related accounts, hashtags, and location, we can identify a list of users to target.

Following and unfollowing - Our crew will follow accounts and unfollow those that do not follow them back as needed. These are all valuable, high-quality accounts who are likely to interact with you because we only follow those who fall within your target genre. This strategy for account growth is by far the most effective.

Likes – Yes, we occasionally Like videos. This might inspire targeted people to check out and follow you on your account.

Commenting - We occasionally comment on pertinent videos. Authors/publishers can supply us with an approved comments list that matches their tone, brand, and audience in order to achieve this.  Otherwise comments will be along the lines of “great,” “wow,” “love it” or similar.



  1. Do I have to provide my login information?

 Yes. You must grant us access to your new account. We usually request you create a new account to ensure it is clean and the TikTok algorithm hasn’t been influenced by people you have liked, followed or watched videos for.

Initial login procedures are usually simple. You might see a security alert from TikTok because we'll be accessing your account from a different location or IP address. To ensure that you know it's our team entering into the account, we will however let you know ahead of time when we will seek access. Simply approve the TikTok notification if you see one at the agreed time.

If you need us to create the new clean account please let us know.


  1. Can I continue to have two-factor authentication enabled?

 Regrettably, no. The explanation is that each time we login to work on your account, you will receive a security verification several times per day. As a result, our team will need to get the security code multiple times, and they eventually expire. Our team loses time and productivity as a result, and we become dependent on you to be accessible when we need you. As a result, it is not worthwhile to perform this task every day.


  1. I haven't yet noticed any outcomes?

Please give our staff time to create videos, post them on TikTok, and repost them across our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other accounts. This “stacking” and reposting takes time to get your book seen.

We do not sell likes or followers or suggest you focus on these as success metrics. Follower count is not as important with TikTok as with other social media services, as TikTok will mostly show your videos to other people. Book sales is the key metric to focus on.


  1. What happens after I start?

 You are given a success manager after you sign up, and they will email you to set up your service, provide reports on request, and advice, such as any tweaks needed to your Amazon book page!


  1. How often will I get reports?

 We send email reports on request up to once every week. These are not automatically sent out as some authors don’t need them that regularly. We also limit the reports to allow us to run the service at the lowest cost, so we can keep our fees low.


  1. How can I modify or expand my targeting options on TikTok?

 If you have specific TikTok accounts you want your new account to follow, like or engage with, please email them to  [email protected] to add to or change your targeting settings.


  1. Are likes guaranteed?

Organic likes are accrued for posts over time. The appeal of your book and your genre will impact your likes and follows.


  1. How many videos do clients receive each week? 

Authors will receive a varied number each week depending on the service level they pay for. 

  1. Can I cancel my subscription, upgrade it or alter my payment method? 

Yes, you can amend information, alter your payment method, and/or cancel/upgrade a service. Email us directly at – [email protected] – and we can change your plan. Please allow 24-48 hours for us to process this request. 

  1. Refunds 

We can refund you in full if you change your mind or are unhappy with our service up to 90 days after purchase. If you have a concern about a service, please email our team to discuss. Our goal is to give you a positive return on your investment.



You can reach us anytime via email: [email protected] – or request a video meeting online with this link.