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Sample book reviews


Who doesn’t enjoy a good love story, and this is a particularly wonderful one. At times both funny and heartbreaking, we are taken on a journey of newfound love, loss and salvation. The characters are so warm and heartfelt they are easy to identify with, and their emotions became my emotions as well. From euphoria to excitement to disappointment, you become one with Abbie as she navigates this new, perplexing and astonishing new relationship in her life. Is he really everything he appears to be, or is the saying “if it seems too good to be true, then it probably is” a lesson for her to learn—or will she really get the happiness she deserves in the end?


The book is a practical self-help transformation guide to a rich and accomplished life. Hayward demonstrates his passion to help other people overcome their dark ordeals by sharing his learnings through his book, blog and other media. He has a breezy, honest and easy style while dealing with complex issues, and the pain that he underwent while overcoming all his difficult issues is clearly brought out in his book where he highlights his low moments and how he overcame them. Dig deep focuses on how to survive your dark moments in the trenches and how to stand tall after overcoming them and how to avoid relapses and leads you to a successful and fulfilling life. 


The author begins by providing us with a glimpse of her personal life, which carried with it certain obstacles and problems she had to face. This book was the result of many hours of introspection and emotional pain as she learned to navigate the pitfalls and issues of marriage and learning to live for yourself. This is a step-by-step guide to recognizing how our thoughts control our feelings, and how those feelings control our behavior toward friends, family, and colleagues. By retraining our minds to overcome negative thinking, envy, and discontentment, we can more fully enjoy our relationships as we go through life, trusting that our faith in Him will assist  us when we need Him.



International Review of Books presented the ideal scenario for me as a debut novelist: it put my book in the hands of an experienced, professional reviewer, offering potential readers an analysis and perspective they can trust. These are reviews that will give readers a true snapshot of the experience of reading your book.

JC Alaimo
Author of  To Laugh Well


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