Who Uses Editorial Reviews?

 Editorial Reviews have been available for many years.

They have traditionally been used by large book publishers to ensure they get in-depth reviews of their books. Editorial reviews are then generally used on Amazon book pages to tell potential readers more about a book.

Our reviews solve the problem of how to get these Amazon Editorial Reviews. If you are looking for the best editorial review service, ours is affordable and provides a high quality service.

Plus, we provide Editorial Reviews which can be used as Amazon Editorial Reviews to enhance your book page on Amazon in a way that is affordable for authors. For our top package you will also receive:

1. Your book review will be listed on our site and promoted to our 402,424 followers on Facebook and Twitter for a month if you select the longer review option.

2. A badge which you can use on your website or book cover.

All packages receive either a 40-50 word or 250 word editorial review.

Who Writes The Reviews?

The International Review of Books has a panel of over 200 experienced book reviewers.

We have been running review groups, building relationships with great reviewers, and helping authors gather honest and legitimate reviews since 2014.

We have delivered many thousands of reviews in that time. We have the experience you need to deliver the type of reader review which will help you reach your goals.

Authors and readers can be sure that the reviews we provide are honest because we do not guarantee a positive review. We guarantee an honest review.

If your review is not either a 4 or a 5 out of 5, we will use the review to provide examples of where you might improve to achieve a higher score.

As the traditional publishing industry uses paid Editorial Reviews to bolster the book pages of their books, we see no reason that all authors should not also be able to do the same. This is about creating a level playing field and providing honest in-depth reviews for authors who need them.

When is a Good Time To Do This?

It’s never too late to get a book review. If your book has been out for some time and it needs an Editorial Review, this service is for you.

If your book is coming out in the next 90 days you can also have your Editorial Review created in time for when the book is placed on Amazon.

Our services have been featured on: Writers’ Digest, The Non-Fiction Authors Association, The London Book Fair, The Dublin Writers’ Conference, Algonkian Pitch Conference New York, Sleuthfest, Florida, The Key West Mystery Writers Conference and the Southern California Writers’ Conference.

How is The International Review of Books Different?

You get two real benefits with our service: a review which can be used as an Amazon Editorial Review and useful feedback on your book.

In all the surveys we run there are two areas that authors have real difficulty with, getting reviews and reaching readers. Our service delivers in each of these areas.

What happens after I pay?

After payment, you will be linked to a form to submit your book details. If you are in the EU you will be charged VAT at checkout. If you are in the US, UK, Canada or any non EU country you will not be charged any sales tax.