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A Song in Her Heart: My Mom, Music and Alzheimer's

A book geared towards initiating a conversation with a child about an extremely debilitating condition—Alzheimer’s. This is the story, firstly, of a young girl helping her mother and father in their chores, always with a song in her heart. She gets older, marries and has her own children, always with a lovely song inside her. Her kids have kids, and so the story continues until she falls victim to this dreadful disease. Unable to connect with her through means like speaking, they turn to music and are able to ignite the life still within her.

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Who doesn’t enjoy a good love story, and this is a particularly wonderful one.

At times both funny and heartbreaking, we are taken on a journey of newfound love, loss and salvation. The characters are so warm and heartfelt they are easy to identify with, and their emotions became my emotions as well. From euphoria to excitement to disappointment, you become one with Abbie as she navigates this new, perplexing and astonishing new relationship in her life.

Is he really everything he appears to be, or is the saying “if it seems too good to be true, then it probably is” more just a lesson for her to learn—or will she really get the happiness she deserves in the end?


The book is a practical self-help transformation guide to a rich and accomplished life.

He demonstrates his passion to help other people overcome their dark ordeals by sharing his learnings through his book, blog and other media. He has a breezy, honest and easy style while dealing with complex issues and the pain that he underwent while overcoming all his difficult issues are clearly brought out in his book where he highlights his low moments and how he overcame them.

Dig deep focuses on how to survive your dark moments in the trenches and how to stand tall after overcoming them and how to avoid relapses and leads you to a successful and fulfilling life. 


The author begins by providing us with a glimpse of her personal life, which carried with it certain obstacles and problems she had to face.

This book was the result of many hours of introspection and even emotional pain as she learned to navigate the pitfalls and issues of marriage and learning to live yourself. This is a step-by-step guide to recognizing how our thoughts control our feelings, and how those feelings control our behavior toward friends, family, and colleagues.

By retraining our minds to overcome negative thinking, envy and discontentment we can enjoy more fully our relationships as we go through life, trusting that our faith in Him will assist  us when we need Him.


A thought-provoking journey into one woman’s extensive research into PTSD—where pharmaceutical companies use the pain of sufferers of this condition to reap enormous profits.

Absolutely and utterly fascinating—a riveting expose on a topic non-sufferers generally do not give a second’s thought to. Thanks to this book we can take the research and knowledge it provides to force the government to recommend safer treatment options instead of addictive drugs that do nothing except turn these sufferers into robots that can no longer function competently in society.

A constructive and absolutely absorbing look into a condition that is being swept under the rug. Praise for this author for removing the rug and laying bare the dirt for us to see. I highly recommend this book.


The Brush Clinic by Stella Atrium is vivid worldbuilding at its best, brought to life through writing that's as gripping as it is poignant.

Without shying away from difficult subjects and emotions, the author weaves a tale that is fraught with hard decisions in the face of life's struggles. More than that though, it invites the reader to consider hard truths about our own world, where equality and acceptance often feel, tragically, far too distant.

I'd recommend this book for sci-fi fans everywhere, and would pose that at the end, they will find themselves asking deep questions about their own existence, and what they want to fight for!


An elegantly riveting story about a devious plot hatched by a crooked antagonist to take over a large organization through surreptitious means and ruthless techniques. 

A thrilling read with many stratagems and a plot that uncovers gradually, with a plethora of twists and turns. The characters are fleshed out well with their inherent flaws and foibles, while the life of Latinos, their coming to and life in America is well researched. Despite everything the general mood is optimistic, with the overall message that if you do wrong, you will ultimately get caught, regardless of how elaborate your scheming is. 

Recommended for readers who love thrillers and wish to understand the complexities and the incessant drive of some people coming from underprivileged to developed countries.


A true laugh-out-loud tale of one very clever, zany yet lovable character whose sole aim in life is to marry Felicia, a hairdresser and truly the fantasy girl of his dreams.

While the entire story is built on the most unbelievable and unrealistic of scenarios, this book is not intended to aim for an award in journalism. What it is, however, is an entree into the land of the ridiculous, and I just couldn’t stop laughing.

An extremely humorous, excruciatingly funny account of one poor soul as he attempts to win the heart of his beloved (whom he has never even gotten a first date with!). Hold onto your stomach because you’ll be laughing so hard you won’t be able to catch your breath!


It would be nearly impossible for me to adequately express the lightning-strike revelations within me as I read this book.

The experience was truly like having someone peel back a curtain for me that I had no idea was even there, and it's an understatement for me to say that it was life changing! It opened my eyes to the micro interactions between parents and siblings within the family structure and to the deep truths behind the occasional arguments we always get into.

Who would I recommend this book to? Mothers, daughters, fathers, sons. Basically everyone. Why? Because the revelations presented in such solid and gripping detail by the author, I believe, have the power to transform family dynamics completely, and entirely for the better.


A thrilling page-turner telling the story of Zoe Hearty as she fights to save her family, and perhaps all of humanity from vile aliens bent on destruction.

Zoe is a mother of two children who has her world turned upside down when she's accused of multiple murders along with other heinous crimes and is locked away in a mental health facility. Is she guilty or is she being set up by extraterrestrials as part of a larger and even darker scheme?

Very well written. I enjoyed the flow of the book which is helped along with the short, snappy sentences and chapters. The characters are well developed and the narrative helps visualize the scenes and the gripping scenarios.


Set in the distant future after great wars ravaged the planet and populace, mankind is working to survive.

One young woman witnesses the massacre of her family and must then set out on her own path to try and save her ancient faith. She must also do all she can to save the child she longs for, and the sister who may have survived. A unique and interesting concept, and unusual to see that humanity has reverted to medievalism after the great wars.

I couldn’t help enjoying the concept and found it a gripping read. I'm sure any reader interested in religious themes, or seriously well written dystopian fiction, will very much enjoy this book.


It’s a riot of a memoir as we share in the experiences as the protagonist selects any number of gorgeous and brilliant girls, often gets rejected, brushes himself off, and begins anew in his quest to find the perfect girlfriend.

I loved this memoir and found it to be unlike anything I have ever read before. Told in the first person with wry touches of realism, humor and good-naturedness, we are able to intimately feel exactly what Paul is going through. It’s a wonderful ride and I recommend it to anyone looking for a story that is truly entertaining as well as touching.

It hits the ball out of the field as it provides the reader with a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Don’t miss out!


A futuristic dystopian sci-fi tale that has the feel of Black Mirror with a bit of Hunger Games thrown in.

Ava’s journey starts with a Rabbit that a voice comes out of. And then there are the time travel elements, which were well done and thoroughly enjoyable. However, my favorite part must have been the mystery running through it all. All in all, a wonderful weave of genres that becomes its own, fascinating thing. Mr. Vazquez has a great writing style that lends itself to the enjoyment of his truly unique world.

The characters felt real and I appreciated getting to know them and being immersed in their fight for survival. This story pulls you in and keeps you invested to the last page.


Unbelievable read. I felt both astounded and proud as Bee Bee navigated through dealing with the evil forces on board as well as the perils that await everyone on the outside.

Each page is more action packed than the one before it, and I had to slow down the pace of my reading a bit so as not to lose any thread of the plot. From Mars to the vessel Arcadia and onward, it is with bated breath that I delved into the power that courage of conviction and the quest to do the right thing can have on someone so young and so marred by tragedy.

A brilliant and thoroughly captivating journey into other worlds and perils of the unknown.


Convergence by Lee Maguire is the fourth book in the Broken Minds Thriller series. Lee Maguire likes to dig deep, affording the reader a fascinating view into the minds of the characters as well as Bryce's thought process and analysis as a psychotherapist.

The intricate detailing is ideal for readers who want to feel as if they are inside the novel. The chapters switch between Bryce’s and Dean’s perspectives so that the reader has the advantage of making their own guesses as to who did what and what will happen next.

This novel is perfect for those interested in psychology and psychotherapy, as well as mysteries that draw you in and don’t let go until the striking end.


Incorporating creativity and dance with the story is so rare and unique.

Every depiction for the dance is not only so easy to follow, but the illustrations themselves genuinely inspire creativity and embody fluidity and motion. Beautiful beyond belief, every picture is a story all on its own. I was stunned when it finally occurred to me that Frankie actually had no pronouns, and then I was impressed, touched, and overjoyed.

What a perfect way for every child to see themselves in the story and be invited to dance. The story is cute and full of adventure, and the rhymes are the perfect touch. Out of all the kid's books I've ever reviewed, this one is my favorite. I absolutely loved it, and I truly believe you will too!


You do not need to have read the prior Tom Logan novels in order to enjoy this one as a stand-alone. I enjoyed this one so much, however, that I have every intention of reading the others.

It is extremely well written and the fast-paced excitement drew me in rather quickly. Things progressed rapidly from one page to the next, until the unexpected conclusion. I like novels that contain mystery, suspense and interesting characters, and this one checked all those boxes.

I consider a novel a great read if I can’t put it down to eat my next meal, and this is exactly the reaction I had. I thoroughly enjoyed it and highly recommend this novel as well as the author’s enjoyable writing style.


I am not the biggest fan of psychological thrillers. However, this book has single handedly changed my mind.

So when I say this book was unbelievably AMAZING, I truly mean it, and that's saying a lot coming from me! Not only do I want the next books in the series NOW, but there's no way I could possibly dig into the first two books fast enough! Trapped By A Lie is nearly 400 pages of thrills, fear, and questions, and when I got to the end I desperately wanted more! I can't recommend this series enough.

If you love psychological thrillers, then you'll love this book. If you don't like psychological thrillers, then you'll still love this book!


An extremely well written sci-fi, which further stands out due to its strong character development.

Whether we sympathize, or are frightened by the callous brutality of some, it all makes for a riveting read. Built upon this is a plot which keeps revealing a layer upon layer of schemes and intrigue. The stakes and the scope grow as the story progresses, revealing a complex and expertly spun web of galactic proportions. Wonderful turns of phrase and descriptions build a mood and setting worthy of the classics of the genre, while never allowing the plot’s grip on us to loosen.

A real page turner as we wonder, who will be sacrificed on this quest and who will win?


Skull's Vengeance is the fourth book in the Curse of Clansmen and Kings series, and is a dark story filled with violence, yearning, and impossible choices that will either define or break the main characters.

Linnea Tanner is a master of intricate plots and twisting intrigues, and Skull's Vengeance, not a novel for the squeamish, showcases those talents in spades. Woven through the narrative is the glitter and darkness of magic, the tragedy of loss and betrayal, and the divisions of commitments for souls gripped in the inescapable bonds of true love.

Every time I thought I finally had the plot figured out, another twist slammed into me. If you love dark and epic fantasy, I'd recommend starting with Apollo's Raven, and reading the books straight through!


I was thrilled that Frank's blunt grittiness wasn't just a literary choice. It was a clever and calculated decision regarding a character that turned out to be one of the most likable protagonists I have ever encountered in a novel before.

The entire book is fantastic, filled with weaving mysteries, nagging doubts, and loads of suspense. Phenomenal on every level! My favorite was still Frank though, who wasn't a saint and wasn't a hero, but carried the book in flying colors by being a regular guy dealing with a dark past, self-doubts, and, perhaps to his surprise, a chivalrous streak that might just carry him into a new future and love.

A naughty, but utterly delectable treat for me that I devoured from cover to cover.


There are great books with great stories, but then books like this one come around and I find myself struggling to adequately express how it stands above all of them, and why.

How it grips me so powerfully that I forget who I am and forget the world, and how it haunts me long after I've finished reading. Ever the Night Road is a deeply, shockingly emotional book that in turns made me want to cry, and left me with cold and clammy hands while my heart pounded.

It's a story that doesn't ever stand still, drawing you ever deeper into mystery and darkness that is filled with pain and fear, but also a terrible hope. A story that utterly enchanted me!


As a thriller, Threshold has incredible suspense as it leads the reader through a slowly building crescendo of danger and emotional horror.

But Threshold as a history novel (yes, I said history), is what surprised me the most. It weaves the chilling realism of the threat to this country into a fictional story where the "fiction" often seems muted, and the razor sharp edges of truth slice through the mind and soul. It offers hope in the midst of pain, and shatters the traditional views of what it means to be a family, and to be truly bound by blood and love.

A treasure that speaks to the deepest and most profound aspects of the human experience, while leaving the reader with an unvoiced scream and a pounding heart.


In this extraordinarily well written and fast-paced novel, we are right there in the minds of both the heroes and the villains, and in the midst of the subterfuge and power plays.

Hold on to your seats as we try to find out who will be successful in this absolutely mind-blowing journey that should not be missed. I loved every sentence, every paragraph, every page. This is a riveting and engaging journey that will make us question everything we have ever thought about our leaders in power.

I highly recommend this book for anyone who enjoys a fast paced and exciting suspenseful story with lots of action and a chilling injection of realism.


There's a lot of great books out there, but I've been reviewing long enough to recognize when a Unicorn has fallen into my lap. The experience is rare, and involves a difficult-to-articulate mix of voice, style, characters, and plot.

And something else, like the scent of a mysterious spice, or the faint glitter of an undertone that feels almost magical. Freezing Reign is one of those Unicorns. I believe you will be pulled as deeply into the dark and haunting realities of a world marred by pain and death, but eased through the tragedy of it on the lyrical beauty of the writing.

Such deep and sad truths, universal, about life and humanity, suffering and hope, offered to the reader like secret windows into a soul. Please don't miss the incredible experience of reading this book.


This book is an in-depth and complex study, from a Jewish perspective steeped in Jewish beliefs and teachings, involving the man who was Jesus Christ.

Well-written, passionate, easily understood, and gripping. If you feel you are looking for answers, you may find them in this book. For those of us who are Christian and would like a better understanding of the Jewish perspective on Jesus, there’s no need to be afraid of reading opposing opinions.

To my surprise, I discovered many aspects of this book that spoke to my heart, and that felt right and true to me. If knowledge is power, there is no sense in burying one's head in the sand. Read and think, as I believe God would have all of His children do.


I myself have always thought that meditation would never in a million years work for me.

I'm a Type A personality and generally my mind is in a perpetual state of overdrive. But now I've learned that I can learn to meditate properly despite these characteristics. There is no need for me to put up roadblocks as this book shows me how I CAN and WILL meditate successfully! 

It is easy to read, enlightening... The book is insightful and perceptive about understanding oneself and one's mind. ...exceptionally written and professionally edited. ...four out of four stars


Get ready to be swept up in a tale of vengeance, morality, and the complex relationship between humans and animals. Will Travis stay true to his values or will he be consumed by the chaos of Red Rover's violent mission. Find out in this gripping thriller. 

Don't miss out on this intense and thought-provoking novel. Order now and join the hunt for justice. 

Dramatically gruesome and then you remember they are terrorists. Will recommend to all animal lovers and those who abhor animal abuse. I thought the ending was excellent.