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“I have found a wonderful secret. It’s the Beta Read option offered by BooksGoSocial. I tested this service option out with both fiction and non-fiction books and I was truly amazed by the thoughtful, robust, and insightful suggestions offered to make my books better.” 
 — Melissa G Wilson, President, Networlding Publishing
“Working with Tanja has been a great experience. She is knowledgeable and very friendly. I can count on her for good advice and helpful tips. We’ve been able to test several books from my kid book and journal collection to determine which books sell the best and we are on our way to successfully sell many books in my collection.”

 – Cindy J. Cadet, Brave Kid Press

What We Can Offer You And Your Authors:

System Element #1:

We have been placing books on for years. We can provide you with low price, no contract, by the month access to reader review slots at NetGalley.

We can offer special publisher deals, with additional discounts for bulk orders. We also offer:

  • An in-depth analysis of the results as a whole, compared to other publishers on NetGalley

  • Analysis by genre/author/series

  • Full reports every two weeks instead of monthly 


System Element #2:

Our Editorial Reviews service, The International Review of Books, provides high-quality book reviews for publishers.

Our reviews can be used in the Editorial Reviews section on your author's book page on Amazon, and on your publisher website. They can also be used on the cover of the book.

Authors and readers appreciate well-written editorial reviews. They are used by the largest traditional book publishers.



System Element #3:

Our beta reading service offers a careful analysis of a manuscript by one reader from our team of highly experienced beta readers.

After we beta read each manuscript, we will provide you with feedback in the form of a written report that will concentrate on flow, characterization, dialogue, potential plot holes, and any other areas in the story/book that may not work from a reader’s perspective.


System Element #4:

Our book launch online marketing package covers all the important book launch marketing tactics. Get our experts to make sure your book launch goes smoothly online. This includes:

  • Help with reader & editorial reviews

  • Custom designed visuals ready for the launch and compatible with all social media platforms

  • A cover reveal online

  • Social media campaign

  • Ad campaign for the launch of the book

  • Email promotion to 450,000+ readers

  • A web page for the author & optional TikTok training


System Element #5:

Our Facebook ads service delivers trackable results and offers automated weekly reporting, on request, so you see the Cost Per Click, budget spend, impressions, and other critical data for your ads in your inbox every week.

Do not miss out on the advanced A/B testing Facebook book marketing tactics provided by this service. A/B testing allows us to test variations of images and text to see which gets you more book sales.

We can also do brand ads for your publishing brand.


System Element #6:

We can create an Amazon brand store/s (a page on Amazon with related titles) with all related books in one place, for easy access and buying. This can be a great low-cost way to get cross-selling as Amazon stores allow different types of content to be displayed such as video and image galleries. You will help readers explore related titles with your own branded URL on Amazon for long or short term use, such as holiday suggestions, which can all be advertised on Amazon.

Metrics like sales, visits, page views and traffic sources help you better understand how to best serve your readers. We can also run ads for your store to make sure it's getting the attention and the sales your books deserve.


System Element #7:

We have been managing ad campaigns on Amazon since 2015. Targeting your Amazon ads to the right books & using the most effective bid adjustments is key to success on Amazon. But doing the research is time-consuming and managing the ads is time-consuming too.

We are here to help you get more from your Amazon Ads budget and save you time

We can manage and create ads on your Amazon Dashboard or through our own Amazon ads dashboard depending on your needs.


System Element #8:

Making a professional website for your authors doesn’t have to be a maze of options, design choices, and content decisions. Our professional author website design & hosting service (all included) is focused on the key things you need:

  • A place online to show your book/s

  • Links to places readers can buy them

  • A way to grow your email list

  • A way to track who is visiting your page

All with a modern, distraction-free design style. We focus on what makes the book unique and use our many years of experience in website design to deliver something special for you. All at an affordable price.

We can provide discounted services for your authors so you can encourage and get their marketing budget coordinated with yours. We can provide 100% free online marketing training for them too from our $700 author marketing training package.
Building a marketing strategy for each author on your front and backlist can be time-consuming and expensive. You can now outsource your marketing and advertising campaigns for more affordable and effective results.
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We can also provide you with a coupon code giving all authors you refer us to a $40 discount on any service over $100. For every use of the unique coupon we give you, you will receive a free month on for any book. Email [email protected] to register for this program or indicate you are interested in this in the form linked here.


Who Are BooksGoSocial?

BooksGoSocial is an advertising & marketing service. As well as helping authors & publishers, we host a thriving interactive community of authors and readers. We also run the highly regarded annual International Dublin Writer's Festival and offer professional web-based courses on marketing, social media, and online advertising for books. 90% of the 9,500+ authors & publishers we have helped are from the U.S., where our promotions mainly take place. Our personal service empowers all our clients. Our aim is to help you achieve success with every book. Books can change the world. They deserve to be seen.

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